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Dualmag Provides two Magnetic Stripe decode channels in a very compact 3×3 mm QFN12 package. The decoding operations are fully contained with no external decoding components required. Magnetic Stripe signals from 3mVpp to 1Vpp are read using a fast, adaptive AGC that compensates for real-world cards with magnetic or mechanical stripe damage. F2F data rates equivalent to media speeds from three to one hundred inches per second can be easily decoded. The powerful decoding algorithms compensate for typical problems such as dropout, skew, low amplitude, jiter, stripe noise, and bias. There are Data and correspoding Clock outputs for each magnetic stripe track input. There is a single Media Detect output common to the two decoding circuits.


– Fully Compatible with ISO-7811 standard
– State-of-the-art mixed signal ASIC
– Compact, 3×3 mm QFN12 package
– Easily decodes “real world” card from 30% to 200% of the standard amplitude
– Reads data from card swipe speeds from 3 to 100 IPS
– Supply voltages from 2.7 to 3.6V
– Operating temperature range from –40℃ to +85℃
– Low power idle current <60µA
– Low power operation during read decoding <0.9mA
– Automated internal head compensation to support most head types
– Automatic Gain Control for magnetic signal range from 3mV to 1V
– High immunity to ambient electronic noise
– ROHS compliant

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