Encryption Module

  • Encryption Module
  • PCI Magnetic Card Reader
  • With MMD-1000



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Encryption Module PCI Magnetic Card Reader With MMD-1000 supports up to 3 tracks card reading at the same time. Upon reception of the magnetic head signals, the card data are recovered, encrypted, and transferred to the external interfaces via universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter (UART) or serial peripheral interface (SPI).

The recovered card data can be encrypted the 128 bit AES before transferring to the external device. The implementation supports CBC mode. For the improved security, the derived unique key per transaction (DUKPT) key management scheme is supported. The initial key setting, encryption mode selection, data encryption, and transfer of the encrypted data are conducted via commands through the external data interface, UART or SPI, as explained in the command section



3 Tracks Support
Signal Conditioning Adapted to Wide Range of Amplitude and Noise with Head Signal
Digital Signal Processing for Superior Data Recovery Performance
Secure data Transfer with 128-bit AES Encryption: CBC Mode
DUKPT key Management (Derived Unique key Per Transaction)
Flexible External interface: UART or SPI
Minimum External Component Required
Wide Range of Card Swipe Speed: from 5 to 150 cm/s

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