Card Reader Module (43mm)

  • JC-10X0 Series



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JC hand swipe module for reading magnetically encoded data from cards with either high or low energy stripe that confirm to all ANSI/ISO track combination.



Operational Requirements

Installation: Indoors only

Performance: 10 – 120Cm/sec

Head Reliability: Standard 500,000 passes (min)

Error Rate: Less than 0.5%


Environmental Requirements

Temperature Range: -20°C ~ 50°C (Working) /  -30°C ~ 70°C (Storage)

Humidity: 90% relative humidity to 40°C. Non condensing

Shock Resistance: 10 ms at 10G along the 3 axes

Vibration: Amplitude 2mm within 2G or less, 10 ~ 55Hz X, Y, Z directions for 30min

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